Andhra style Dahi Vada also known as Perugu Garelu (Aavadalu). They are different from North Indian style Dahi Vada as far as the treating and the utilization of green chilies and ginger.


  1. 1 container entire minappappu /urad dal/cleaned entire dark gram dal/మినపపప్పు
  2. 10-12 dark pepper corns, daintily squashed 
  3. 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, daintily squashed /జీలకర్ర
  4. salt to taste /ఉ ప్పు
  5. oil for profound searing


  1. Soak entire dark gram dal (మినపపప్పు) in water for 1/2 to 2 hours. 

2. Strain the water, and granulate the dal to a glue sprinkling next to no water. Utilize little bits of dal to granulate bunch savvy as its less demanding to crush into a delicate glue. Include salt, squashed cumin seeds and pepper corns and beat till fleecy. 

3. Heat oil for profound singing in an overwhelming bottomed vessel and warmth till steaming. Lessen fire to medium. 

4. Wet your hands with water, take a lemon-sized chunk of player and smooth it into a garelu on a lubed sheet or banana leaf. Make a gap in the focal point of the garelu with the goal that it cooks uniformly everywhere. 

5. Slowly drop the garelu into the hot oil and broil it on the two sides on medium fire to a brilliant dark colored shading. Profound broil 4-5 garelu per bunch contingent upon the span of the vessel.

6. Remove the garelu from the oil.

7. After our vadas are prepared, keep it to the side and presently begin planning for the curd blend. Start by blending thick yogurt in with a touch of turmeric powder, salt alongside tad of water to make a smooth consistency.

8. Presently to set up the altering take another dish and hotness some oil. Add cumin seeds, curry leaves, hing, mustard seeds, methi seeds, hacked green chilies, ginger and slashed onion into it. Allow it to splutter for at some point then, at that point, eliminate it from fire and add it into the curd blend.

9. Presently, put the vadas into the curd blend and save it to the side for now and again. Let the vadas totally absorb the curd. You can refrigerate this planning prior to serving.

10. Serve it chilled with a smidgen of slashed coriander and a spot of dry stew powder on the top.