Mysore Pak formula is a very tasty and well-known sweet from Mysore. It is made with only three principle fixings – besan, ghee, and sugar. Fundamentally a sweet dish ready from chickpea flour and ghee.


  • Gram Flour or besan -2 cups
  • Sugar - 4 cups
  • Ghee - 2 cups
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Oil - 2 cups


  • Initially, in an enormous kadai add ghee and oil.further get to a bubble and stew till you plan mysore pak.

mysore pak recipe

  • Now, take a kadai and add sugar and water. get to a boil. Continue bubbling and blending till the sugar accomplishes one string consistency.
  • Aside, keep the fire on extremely low and add sieved gram flour gradually.Mix in between continously.
  • Further add more besan and keep blending. add around in 3-4 clusters.
  • Including clumps and ceaselessly mixing evades.presently take a ladleful of hot ghee-oil and pour over the besan blend.
  • further,continuously mix till oil is consumed totally. Moreover, add another ladleful of hot oil-ghee. sizzles and begins to foam at the top.
  • keep ceaselessly mixing till all the oil is retained. Further, continue to rehash 4-5 times till the combination begins to isolate from dish.
  • Furthermore the oil will begin setting free from sides. not any more the besan combination will ingest oil.
  • Promptly, move the combination to lubed plate of sufficient profundity. this assists with continueing cooking and get brilliant earthy colored tone in the middle.
  • further, following 5 minutes cut into pieces as wanted.following 30 minutes separate the pieces. At last, serve amazing taste and finished mysore pak.