Kandi Pachadi, or toor dal, or red gram dal chutney is a customary chutney of Andhra Pradesh. Regularly served during supper times with white-hot rice, its arrangement includes split urad dal, dry red chilies, cumin, tamarind, and treating with fragrant curry leaves. At whatever point you go to have food in any South Indian eatery, you are presented with this dal chutney on the plate. Presently, iD Fresh Food brings to you a similar dal chutney formula that you like eating with dosa or idli.


  • Toor dal / Red gram dal - 1/2 cup
  • Urad dal
  • Cumin seeds
  • Mustard seeds
  • Garlic cloves
  • Red dried chilies - 1 or 2
  • Water
  • Salt as required
  • Oil
  • Tamarind - 1/4 tbsp


  • First, Wash the red gram dal/toor dal well.
  • Take a dish and warmth oil in it. Saute the toor dal on low to medium fire till you get a good fragrance or it is somewhat brown.
  • Presently set the cooked dal in a plate to the side.
  • Next, add a tablespoon of oil in a similar dish. Presently, add cumin seeds and dish it for 20 seconds. Alongside this, cook split gram dal for an additional two minutes.
  • Then, add red chillies and dish them for a large portion of a moment or until it's fresh. Keep the combination beside the dish and let it cool it down.
  • Take a processor container and add the broiled fixings, tamarind, garlic and salt in it.
  • Crush the fixings into a paste by blending it in with some water. Put it to the side in a bowl.
  • Presently, it's the ideal opportunity for hardening. For this, heat a tablespoon of oil in a container. Then, at that point add mustard seeds and let them pop.
  • Then, add curry leaves and sauté.
  • Cook split dark gram till brown and add salt to it.
  • Add the hardening over the paste, and your Andhra style Kandi Pachadi is prepared. Serve it with white rice, dosa, idli, uttapam, or any dish of your decision.