Apple is a thick, plump natural product, I suggest that you make this exemplary juice in a blender and not a juicer. In case you pick to utilize a juicer, a portion of the fiber is lost which is illogical to making this invigorating drink. For natural products or vegetables like carrots, oranges, or pomegranates a juicer is a great choice. Be that as it may, for natural products like apples, different berries, mangoes, sapota, papaya, or banana, a blender is ideal. One more extraordinary motivation to make squeeze at home is that the decision is yours! Go ahead and blend and match apples to track down your ideal mix.


  • Apples - 3
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Sugar - 1/4 cup


  • Clean the apples with water, Cut the apples and remove the seeds and strain the juice from the extract and mix in the water.
  • Heat to the point of boiling, diminish hotness to a stew, and cook, blending infrequently, until the water gets the apple flavor and shading, around 30 minutes.
  • Channel the squeezed apple, disposing of strong pieces, and mix in the sugar until broke down.
  • Serve it, if you want cooling add ice cubes and serve it.