In Andhra Pradesh, these fishes merge into the river water of the charming Godavari and thus bring in the sweetness of river water in them. Best enjoyed in a spicy gravy, this fish makes for the perfect lunch or dinner, thanks to its ability to absorb flavor and spices. Most importantly, don't let the idea of cooking with fish, This step-by-step guide will lead you in the right direction.!

This straightforward dish is enthusiastic about taste and simple to make. While similarly as delicious as the other two plans, what genuinely sets the Andhra style Pulasa Pulusu is the way that it's made with simple to discover fixings - indeed, you most likely have them all in your storage space at the present time.


  • Pulasa fish - 1 kg
  • Tamarind - 200gms
  • Salt as per requirement
  • Chilli Powder -100gms
  • Green chilies
  • Cumin Seeds - 1tbsp
  • Oil - 50ml
  • Onions - 4
  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tbsp
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Tomatoes(Finely Chopped)- 3
  • Curry leaves


  • Clean the fish, cut it into slices.
  • Absorb the Tamarind enough water and crush the juice well.
  • Warm oil in a Kadai and add chopped green chilies, curry leaves, chopped onions, tomatoes. Saute for 2 mins on medium flame.
  • Then, at that point, add bean stew powder, turmeric powder, salt and cook it on stew for 3 mins.
  • Then, at that point, add tamarind mash cook on stew for 5 mins
  • Turn the container to medium fire, then, at that point, add the fish and blend well. When the pieces are cooked, add coriander leaves for wrapping up
  • Once cooled, serve it alongside steamed rice