Mango Pickle


The Andhra Avakaya Recipe is a scrumptious mango pickle from andhra that is made hot and delectable with the expansion of mustard seeds, methi seeds, garlic, red chillies and sesame oil. 

Seasons first and crisp green, firm and sharp mangoes go into pickling. Mango Pickle or Andhra Avakaya is a much worshiped pickle and is made in relatively every family amid the mango season. This pickle can be made in mass amount and put away for a year. 


  1. 6 glasses Mango (Raw),chopped into enormous pieces 
  2. 1 container Mustard seeds, powdered 
  3. 2 tablespoons Methi Seeds(Fenugreek Seeds), powdered 
  4. 2 mugs Red stew powder,(adjust) 
  5. 1 container Salt 
  6. 30 cloves Garlic 
  7. 3 mugs Gingelly oil 


  • Regardless the Mango Avakaya pickle formula, right off the bat take the slashed mango pieces in a major bowl, include mustard seeds powder, fenugreek seeds powder, red stew powder and salt. 
  • Join well and include 2 measures of oil. Blend every one of the fixings exceptionally well utilizing your hand. 
  • When it is blended legitimately, include the garlic cloves. Join and exchange this Mango Avakaya pickle to a pickle shake.
  • Include 1 measure of oil top and firmly shut the top and tie a perfect and dry fabric over the top and leave the Mango Avakaya pickle in a dampness free kitchen territory. 
  • Following 3 days evacuate the material and utilizing a perfect and dry scoop mix in the Mango Avakaya pickle. Taste the pickle and whenever required include few spoons of salt and oil. 
  • Keep in mind forget hold a thin layer of oil over the pickle, generally the Mango Avakaya pickle will get dry and ruin. 
  • Again cover with a top and tie a material firmly around the neck of the jug and leave the Mango Avakaya pickle to rest for another 2-3 days. 
  • Following 7-8 days the Mango Avakaya pickle is prepared to eat, utilize a spotless and dry scoop and blend the pickle completely all over to guarantee the oil is uniformly spread and masalas are pleasantly blended. 
  • Serve Mango Avakaya Pickle with Dal Palak, steamed rice and Elai Vadam for a solace feast.