Teepi Gavvalu
Teepi Gavvalu

Prepare time: 25 min              Cook Time: 10 min               Ready in: 35 min

Gavvalu means shells and this sweet is shell shaped traditional sweet made in Andhra Pradesh.


  • Ghee / నెయ్యి- 2 - tbsp 
  • maida / మైదా పిండి - 2 - glass 
  • oil / నూనె- 1 - to sear 
  • salt / ఉ ప్పు- 1 - squeeze 
  • sugar / చక్కెర- 1 - glass 
  • water  - 2 - tbsp 


  • Take a bowl  maida into it include ghee and blend well.Now add water to make mixture, the batter ought not be too hard or delicate.

Fork Technique:

Take a Fork turn back side, then take a small piece of dough into hand and press at the back side of the fork and remove oppsite direction repeat the same way for all the dough. keep the shells a side.

Or Take a wood stick as shown in below figure and do process as in fork technique

Presently take a container include oil for sear include the shells into the oil and  boil till light brilliant dark colored shading boil in a low fire. 

when it is done take from oil and keep it a side. 

Presently take another dish include sugar and little water and let it bubble till you get a thick consistency and take from the fire. Add the browned shells to the sugar syrup once the sugar sticks to shells move these to air tight container after became cool.


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